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Littlestar, was founded in year of 1998 by Mrs. Sushma Shah, prime motto of institution was to impart knowledge to toddler and make them strong for future studies.

Founder of Littlestar has long teaching experience. She has designed complete course for child, procurement of appropriate toys according to course, worksheet designs and even finalizing table and chair also.

Littlestar has a panel of well trained and qualified teachers to pay personal attention towards each student in each of the branches.

Littlestar maintain a specific student capacity per class so that none of the students are left behind due to lack of personal attention. We only take maximum 25 entries per group and immediately close down the admissions after the class is full. Our method of teaching is very unique from the others as we do not believe in teaching as regular teachers.

We rather be their friends so as to see that every student enjoys coming to Littlestar where learning is completely fun.

Students are provided with a worksheet on every topic for their internal assessment.

We pay extra attention towards slow learners and point out their parents.

We provide homely atmosphere, comfortable, and teachers like their best friends.

We provide child-size materials and real child-size tools, Low shelves with materials on trays and child-size tables and chairs

We demonstrate child how to do activities and encourage them in self decision making.

Teaching method is followed by combination of Montessori and play way method, audio visuals, use of teaching aids and friendly approach to make kids feel homely.

Our panel of teachers are selected not only base of qualification but they should have good family back ground and also have passion for teaching and understanding children.

  • "The Children are future of nation. "
  • "Today’s child builds tomorrow’s nation. "

  • "For making children sensitive to the beauties of the world and Awakening their curiosity regarding the secrets of life. "
  • "Help me to do it by myself. "
  • "Play, learn and grow together. "
  • Maria Montessori’s words:
    • " The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age six;
      for that is the time when man’s intelligence itself, his greatest implement, is being formed...
      Adults work to finish a task, but the child works in order to grow,
      and is working to create the adult, the person that is to be. "

We have made our own academic curriculum which covered development of motor skills, eye hand co-ordination, identification and pre-reading abilities, pre-writing readiness, creativity (art & craft ), festival celebration and much more…

  • To make education with fun we use multimedia in our course

  • Once in a year we arrange a Stage show in auditorium to boost confidence & personality and implant our culture in our kids

  • Our course develop the child’s attitude and discipline towards parents, elders, neighbours, and relatives

  • Our curriculum also cover music by singing rhymes with action

  • Our curriculum also cover exercise, dance, story listening, indoor-outdoor games

  • Our specially designed work sheet covers writing practice, drawing and coloring, GK etc.

  • Every month, we also conduct educational tour (PICNIC) for all student at free of cost

  • Every day we provide healthy food at free of cost

  • A record of each child is also maintained on regular basis to note down their progress

  • Two term assessments are also conducted to assess the child on whatever has been taught

Dear Parents….. It is a great challenge to find the right nursery school for your child. The first nursery school environment that we choose for our kids is very important since it is the first step that they take to explore the outside world without us and this really sets the tune for learning for the years to come.

Admission Criteria

1st Term (June):
June term starts from 2nd week of June

Playgroup : 1.5 Years
Nursery : 2.5 Years
2nd Term (November):
November term starts on the day after Diwali Vacation

Playgroup : 2 Years
Nursery : 3 Years

Holiday List (Common Hoidays for Academic Year)

Uttarayan – Makarsankranti (14th Jan)
Vasi Uttarayan (15th Jan)
Republic Day (26th Jan)
Idd-e-Milad (Unnabi)
Mahashivratri (As per Calender)
Cheti Chaand
Mahavir Jayanti
Good Friday (1st Friday of April)
Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti (14th April)
Janmashthmi (Aatham)
Janmashthmi - Parna (Nom)
Independence Day (15th Aug)
Pateti (Parsi New Year)
Paryushan First Day
Mahavir Janam Vanchna-(Supan Darshan)
Samvatsari & Ganesh Chaturthi
Samvatsari Paarna
Gandhi Jayanti (2nd Oct)
Navratri Aatham (Durgasthmi)
Navratri Nom
Christmas (25th Dec)
New Year (1st Jan)

Diwali Vacation : (From VaghBaras to Dev-Diwali)
November term starts on the day after Dev-Diwali


  • Send child on time i.e before prayer starts
  • Park vehicle properly
  • Tag I-card on back side of child
  • School bag and black shoes are compulsory
  • Read notes and follow instructions properly
  • Read notice board every day for activity, snacks, holidays, etc.
  • Attend parents meeting
  • Inform teacher for leave
  • Follow immunization program as per your doctor advise
  • Participate in each and every activity

  • DONT's

  • Don’t park vehicle between road to hazzard for others
  • Don’t come late to collect child
  • Don’t take unnecessary leaves (or Holidays)

  • Your suggestions are welcomed

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    I am the parent of a child- Joyal Shah, who is studying in the Playgroup Section. Joyal is a special child, he is a high functioning child in the autistic spectrum. He has been in your school for more than 2 years now.
    I would like to mention the support and good work done by the the headmistress, teahers and the didis of the school.
    We always believed that our child had the ability and with the right kind of support he can grown into a confident and self-sustained individual, who can contribute to the society. This belief has been strengthened by the support of your school , whose patient and caring approach has helped Joyal integrate in the school environment.
    I am very sure that this would not have been possible without the vision and the guidance of a able leader like you who is truly involved and concerned about the future of the children. We have read your books in our family and are really happy to know that our child goes to a school under your leadership.
    I take this opportunity to thank you and all the teachers and the headmistress and the didis again, who have helped my son so far and am very sure that with this support my child is going to achive her true potential.
    Thank you again!"

    - Shilpi Shah

    "Dear Mam,
    The annual day function held yesterday, was so good, that I could not prevent myself from opening my Gmail account to write the feedback from my current busy office schedule.
    I would like to appreciate the organized manner in which the function was held. I admire the enthusiasm of all the teachers and support staff.
    Being a parent myself, I know its really not easy to make kids follow instructions and dance so well. You bought all the performances as a big surprise for the parents. It was amazing watching them performing so confidently on the stage and I appreciate the efforts of the Choreographer for each item presented.
    The theme chosen was awesome. What I always like of your program is the 'Entertainment along with Learning' experience which you give to the parents.
    I always admire the sporting performance by all the teachers. It gives a 'feel to follow' in kids mind with a view that it's not just 'they' who perform, but its also their teachers!
    Thanks for a lovely evening and memories that would stay forever with us!"

    - Rajesh Patel

    “Little Star School is a truly special place. You feel the warmth as soon as you enter the front doors. The children are happy and I have seen them grow emotionally, physically, and educationally over the years. The staff are very competent and caring professionals who treat each child as if they were their own.”

    - Neha Choksi

    “I must take time out to express my sincere gratitude to each one of you for enhancing my life and the life of my daughter…”

    - Shalvi Shah
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    Paghdiwala's Bungalow, B/s Jinmangal Flats,
    Near Gautambaug Society, Paldi,
    Ahmedabad-380007, Gujarat, India

    Littlestar believe one of the most crucial and defining factor concerning the competency of a preschool campus is its Infrastructure. This is simply because the layout of the preschool construction and the various facilities that it provides invariably decides the effectiveness of its curriculum. This is why, at Littlestar…..

    • We have structured our classrooms and outdoor spaces in such a manner that there is ample space to provide safe and free movement for the children.

    • We have ensured that our classrooms design sticks to the idea of smaller student/teacher ratios and are well-lit with both natural and artificial light and are well-ventilated.

    • Seating arrangement has been designed in such a manner that it is conducive for child to be seated with a good posture and the teachers can maintain a constant vigil in the classrooms.

    • The outdoor space is secured as any outside interference is discouraged and any supposed or apparent source of possible injury is removed, making the campus safe.

    • Our campus and class room have been conceptualised and built in a bright, multi-coloured and attractive format in order to invigorate a child mind.

    Career With Us
    We always welcome individuals who are energetic, entusiustic, loving nature and like to do work with children.
    Fill in the details below and upload your resume:

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